Account and Project Management, Research, Strategy



An international branding agency with offices in the U.S. and the U.K. sought out brandlove for a rebrand and go-to-market pitch due to our market knowledge and category expertise in B2B media and the larger integrated media landscape. Our involvement revolved around research, strategic insights, and in-person pitch participation.


The agency’s assignment was to develop a new brand strategy and positioning, followed by a refreshed identity and campaign creative complete with a go-to-market plan. The client goals were twofold; firstly, to redefine the category as a whole and establish them as an industry leader; and, secondly, to grow its national media business significantly above market averages.

We started with an extensive primary and secondary research phase. As the internal assessment had been previously completed, we focused on external stakeholders and the overall environment. We spoke with in-house marketers, media planners and buyers as well as media owners to get a feel for the audience perception of the media landscape and to identify the different needs and wants of the particular segments. We then reviewed over 50 industry reports including, trend and consumer insights, to get an in-depth view of the US marketplace while analyzing in- and out of category competitors and their brand drivers.

The resulting insights informed a category-breaking brand idea. Next, we worked with the agency to build out the initial strategy and campaign concepts and to finalize the outline and the content of the pitch presentation.

We concluded the project by taking part in the pitch and presenting the research portion of the deck to the client’s C-Suite in their New York office.

The results

Our research helped demonstrate the agency’s comprehensive local market- and category knowledge, and provided the insights to inform the brand idea, strategy, and creative campaign executions. As such, they were successful in the pitch, winning the rebrand and creative rollout.